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Type of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are available in a variety of types and validation levels:

Certificate Validation Levels Certificate Types
Extended Validation Certificates Single Domain Certificates
Organization Validated Certificates Wildcard SSL Certificate
Domain Validated Certificates Multi Domain SSL Certificate (MDC)
   Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)
All SSL certificates are a combination of a particular Validation Level + Type (as shown above). There are certain exceptions though. For example, a wildcard version of an Extended Validation certificate cannot be purchased, as it is not permitted by the guidelines governing the issuance of EV certificates.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL is one of the fastest and affordable ways to activate strong SSL protection for your website. DV SSL is automated which means you can protect your ecommerce, logins, webmail and more in just couple of hours. DV SSL activates the browser padlock and https, and assures your customers that you take security seriously.